Service Contracts
Mark Stolz offers the finest service and support available with expertise in Unix, NT, networking, and web development. With an expanded virtual showroom promoting the latest developments, Mark Stolz is best suited for handling your internal computer needs. After initiating a partnership with America.Net, Interworks Corporation, and MarketSpace Inc., Mark can provide you with the best solutions customized to your business, all within your budget.

With an exclusive Service Contract, you will receive the utmost in computer support. Offering inclusive twenty-four hour support, Mark Stolz can handle all of your emergencies without any extraneous costs. Negotiated on your current needs, Mark Stolz can provide you with a hardware or software service contract to fulfill these needs. Your contract is built for your specific needs and offers flexibility with requards to service. In today's business world where problems are unannounced and can potentially cause work delays, purchasing a service contract with Mark Stolz is basically like taking out health insurance on your company. Mark Stolz can keep you up and running and fully evaluate your systems to ensure that future potential problems will be easily and readily solved without bringing your business to a stand-still.

Sample Consulting Contract