Our Story

How we started this project

We have created a one of a kind complete tie dye kit that includes a simplified process that guarantees color quality and longevity with the use of our special formula called ColorStay. The complete story starts with Dave Tackett our Scout Master for Boy Scout Troop 187 out of Kennesaw, GA and his tradition of making tie dye shirts for the boys going to summer camp. Every summer brought new designs and new colors and those shirts were worn by each of our five boys both in scouting events and on school days. Surprising or not so surprising the tie dye shirts were a big hit with our high schooler, who was the oldest of all the boys, and his peers. I remember the teenagers trying to create tie dye shirts by using craft store dyes only to be disappointed in the colors and the endurance of the quality of color.

Without warning, our son left this world which produced a terrible void in our home. During the funeral, all the high school kids wore tie dye to honor his life. The tie dye became a major event that meant many things to many people. So every year since then on his birthday we began to hold Tie Dye Parties to create new colorful designs. We would then silk screen the shirts with a custom stencil in his honor. During the many years of making hundreds of shirts since that time we had many issues with shirt sizes, design faux pas, different dyes, lack of color saturation, longevity of color, and quality of dyes. We tried many kits available at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Blicks, but none of these ever had a complete solution. We have gone through a lot of ink products and a lot of shirts to define this process.

We have taken the guess work of what works and what doesn't and put everything you will need in one kit. We want to make this a fun experience for even the person that doesn't have an ounce of artistic ability. We have developed a four step process only using the best quality ingredients found on the market today. Our process (patent pending) is unique and guarantees color quality and longevity.

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