What can we do for you?

Network Planning and Architecture: Are you having problems deciding what is the best networking solution for you? Do you have questions about cableing, routing, subnetting, Internet connectivity, Domain Name Servers, FTP servers, proxy servers, hubs, routers, DSU/CUS's, ISDN lines, T1 lines, DHCP, or TCP/IP, then XCity can find the best solution for you. XCity can provide the networking experience with Unix and NT that will give your system the stability to bring your company to new heights.

Hardware Servicing: If you have hardware problems with your Unix hardware, Xcity can help you with your issues. It doesn't matter whether the hardware is IBM, HP, or Sun, troubleshooting the big vendor's hardware should be left to qualified experts. These risc based systems are not the only pieces of equipment that run unix. XCity knows the intel based systems, too. Whether running NT or Unix, your hardware issues should be served by experts.

Web Application Design and Hosting: Are you trying to define your corporate presence? XCity is affiliated with Internet partners line Interworks Corporation that can provide all your Web needs. From database applications to simple html files, you are in touch with the pulse of the industry

Unix Training: Do you need to learn more about the Unix operating system? Do you wish to enhance your employee's abilities? Are you looking to expand your current skillset? Let XCity be your resource for training.

System Administration and Architecture: Do you have problems with procedures? Are you constantly dealing with issues like user access, security control, or disk space? XCity can provide you with answers on how you may increase your productivity with your operating systems. With over 11 years of Unix experience from vendors like, BBN, IBM, HP, SUN, and DEC, XCity has the knowledge of what works and what doesn't work. Whether it's disaster recovery, backups, installations, file systems, system processes, user maintenance, logging, or archiving, XCity can help you do things more efficiently