UniXCity, XCity, is a Unix and NT solution provider located on Atlanta, Georgia, providing high quality computer solutions with world class service to its customers.

XCity provides infrastructure to its customers. This infastructure is not built on just Unix servers. This infastructure is not built on just NT servers. XCity specializes in the infrastructure field by understanding the harmonious relationship the two servers bring to one another. The best solution is Unix and NT working side by side to provide a solid foundation for the customer's applications. Many people talk about it, few people can implement it!

XCity provides the technical foundation for Interworks Corporation. Interworks uses Linux and NT servers to provide its customers with E-Commerce solutions and custom database applications. XCity specializes in CGI programming. Sometimes just providing infrastructure is not enough and a custom database application is too much. XCity can provide the best of both worlds.

XCity has over 15 years experience in computer technology and over 11 years in the Unix Operation System. Mark Stolz has worked on almost all flavors of Unix over the years that include: SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Dell Unix, Interactive, SCO, Novell, IRIX, Ultrix, OSF/1, AT&T, and Linux. From a simple internet connection to $1.5M installation, XCity is the right choice for you!

1412 Milford Chase Court * Marietta * Ga * 30008 * USA
E-Mail: mstolz@xcity.com * Voice Mail/Fax: (770) 384-0728

Updated: 8.19.98