Company History  

It was 1984 when Mark Stolz first worked on data lines in the U.S. Air Force. It was 1987 when Mark Stolz signed on to his first Unix box. From that point on, Mark Stolz has built a solid foundation of Unix and Networking knowledge. In 1991, Mark Stolz started consulting as an expert Network Installer and a Unix Engineer. Then the World Wide Web hit the masses. And in 1994, XCity was born to provide an infrastructure for corporate custom web sites. Mark Stolz believed that companies were still very interested in dealing with someone that could be physically touched. Unlike the big ISPs, with their virtual worlds, virtual support, and auto reply emails, Mark Stolz wanted to talk to the customers and understand their needs. These are the reasons XCity was born.

Why the name XCity? The "X" in XCity is used to signify a uniX computer company. The "City" symbolizes the small scope of focus yet a large self contained unit to sustain the customer base. The sub city of infrastructure, the XCity, provides the foundation of cables, machines, operating systems, and networks so that the customer may run its applications without worry. The customer is the key to the success of XCity. Understanding the needs of the customer is crucial to Mark Stolz. The customer is first!

Mark Stolz broadened the computer service center that consisted of himself and alot of determination to succeed by expanding the hours of support. A small company on a large horizon, XCity provided services for very reasonable prices that no other company had done before, or no other company is willing to do today. Mark Stolz introduced the idea of 24 hour, seven day a week service to his customer base, because he knew that computers can break down at the most inopportune times. In-house and on-site servicing with World Class Service was the goal for Mark. A company shouldn't have to pay outrageous prices to get good quality, friendly service. XCity has enjoyed the success of hard work and perseverence, and continually strives for superior customer service.

Over the years, XCity has adapted to the ever changing environment of the computer industry. When the need for complex ordering and inventory systems arose, XCity was quick to answer the call with custom software applications. The company has evolved over time, remaining proactive in an industry that is continually expanding and changing. XCity realizes the needs of its customers and has expanded its knowledge base into the Microsoft world.

Having customer service as the primary focus, XCity has grown to better accommodate this need. Mark Stolz is dedicated to providing World Class Service.

XCity wants to be your solution