XCity Operating Rules


These Operating Rules are part of the terms of your XCity Service Agreement with, and you are bound by them. These Operating Rules are provided to make on-line information usage and communications a positive and secure experience for subscribers. XCity may modify these rules at any time by publishing the modified rule(s) on XCity.


Copyrighted material must not be placed on XCity without the permission of the owner(s) or person(s) they specifically authorize. Only the owner(s) or such authorized person(s) may up-load copyrighted material to the Service.
You may download copyrighted material for your own use. Except as expressly provided by copyright law, copying, redistribution, or publication must be with the express permission of XCity and the owner(s) or such authorized person(s), if other than XCity. Permission must be specified in the document, on XCity, or must be obtained directly from XCity and the owner(s) or such authorized persons(s), if other than XCity. In any copying, redistribution, or publication of copyrighted material, any changes to or deletion of author attribution or copyright notice are prohibited.
You may not up-load public domain programs to XCity.


You agree not to publish on or over XCity any information, software or other content which violates or infringes upon the rights of any others or which would be abusive, profane or sexually offensive to an average person, or which, without the approval of XCity, contains any advertising or any solicitation of other subscribers to use goods or services. You agree not to use the facilities and capabilities of XCity to conduct any business or activity or solicit the performance of any activity which is prohibited by law or to solicit subscribers to become subscribers of other competitive information services.


XCity reserves the right in its sole discretion to edit or delete any information, software or other content appearing on XCity, regardless of whether it violates the standards for content.


XCity reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend or terminate Service to any subscriber at any time.


You agree to indemnify and hold XCity harmless from any claims and expenses, including reasonable attorney's fees, related to your violation of the XCity Service Agreement, including these rules or any information, software or other content placed on XCity or the Service as stated in the XCity Service Agreement by you.

Sign the XCity Service Agreement and mail to:

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