OSI Model

7. Application e-mail package or ftp.

6. Presentation for apps to exchange data - handled within tcp/ip

5. Session manages sessions between apps - sockets/ports used instead of session

4. Transport data is exaclty as it was sent

3. Network isolates upper layers from the net. ip handles packet addressing + delivery

2. Data Link reliable delivery of data is handle - not used inTCP/IP

1. Physical defines statndards for hardware, ie. cable length, voltage

TCP/IP Model

Application | data |

Tranport |header | data |

Internet |header |header | data |

Network Access |header |header |header | data |

IP - Internet Protocol

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol

TCP/IP tools

NFS - Network File System

IP Addresses


UDP - User Datagram Protocol

Routing and Gateways


IP Forwarding