Using Kermit

Use shell script kkermit to dial out by typing:

	$ kkermit camp_fyv

To transfer files do the following:

1. connect to site

2. type kermit at the remote site 

3. type in: 
		set window 7
		set file type bin

4. escape to local kermit prompt (\ c)

5. type in: 
		set window 7
		set file type bin
		get file

6. when it's finished,  c to interupt

SW Commands

create a sw depot
swcopy -s /cdrom  @ /var/spool/sw

system_prep -s will create a new system file from current kernel

reconfig SW database
swconfig \*

list filesets
swlist -l fileset -a state

modify database
swmodify -uX11,r=B.10.10


swremove PHSS_9527

PMIS++ commands

chpmis - setup PMIS vars & setup path
	example:  chpmis /customer/am_demo

setorainfo -h
look - pmis++ client used to connect to pmis++ servers
pmcmd - controls pmis++ servers
pmcvt - converts ascii resource file to binary
pmstate ac/sh starts (active) or stops (shutdown) the pmis++ system


gensccs      set noai

Booting Single User Mode

ISL> hpux -is
ISL> hpus -is disc(10/12.6.0;0)/stand/vmunix


rex - /var/adm/rex.users

sara's pc uses nfs to mount mickey's drives HP Response Center login: CA36570 passwd: hpstuff97 /etc/passwd file contains email address to be used on the Internet i.e. brad:er2iEEWnoG5CM:255:20:Bradley Ward,bward:/home/brad:/usr/bin/ksh To restart sendmail, you can do the following: kill -1 `head -1 /etc/mail/` PMIS packaging is done with mkpmistape which simply does the following: 1. get list of all products from $PMISTREE/name.dat & $PMISTREE/products.dat 2. get list of products for the customer 3. for every product cat the sub product's .ship file into psf 4. if 9.x run fpkg else if 10.x run: swpackage -vv -x target_type=tape -x target_tape=myfile -s psf current PMISTREE=/frozen/pmis/7.5

Support Contracts

7000BRADLEY/E25     expires: 10/25/97    type: 0s3
	E25 - A2937AW
	S/N 3640A10061

7000BRADLEY/D350    expires: 11/25/97    type: 0s3
	D350/2 - A3335A
	S/N 3648A10027

7000BRADLEY/C160    expires:  8/25/97    type: 0s0
	C160 - A4522A
	S/N US67330300

hardware only H5351
software only w telephone H5353
hardware & software only H5354
hardware & software only w telephone H5355

0s0 - next day HW
0s1 - 4hr. HW
0s2 - 0s0 + SW
0s3 - 0s1 + SW
0s5 - 24x7 HW
0s6 - 0s5 + SW

Note: we need to change E25 & D350 to 0s2
      old ids were 7000BRADLEY9K1ATL (E55, exp. 6/97)  
			7000THUMPTER (715, exp. 7/97)

kernel rebuilding

  Change directory to /stand/build

     # cd /stand/build

  Create the system config file /stand/build/system

     # /usr/lbin/sysadm/system_prep -v -s system

- Edit the file /stand/build/system and add the following line:

(or any info that you need)

  You may add this before or after the comments in the file.

- Now, build the new kernel:

    # /usr/sbin/mk_kernel -s system

  This creates the kernel as /stand/build/vmunix_test.  Make a backup
  of the current kernel and system files by renaming them to
  filename.prev.  Then move the new kernel and system files into the
  stand directory.

    # mv /stand/system /stand/system.prev
    # mv /stand/vmunix /stand/vmunix.prev

    # mv /stand/build/vmunix_test /stand/vmunix
    # cp /stand/build/system      /stand/system

- The installation of the new kernel, including the tunnel driver, is
  now complete.  Reboot the system to make it active.

    # reboot