HP Apollo 9000 Series 700

66 MHz 76.8 SPECmarks 76.7 MIPS 23.7 MFLOPS 50 MHz 59.5 SPECmarks 57.9 MIPS 17.9 MFLOPS HP 700/RX 22.7 MHz Intel i960CA RISC 86,000 Xstones <shft><ctrl><break> to reset the X station „ Configure NFS

(Not Using SAM ... in HP-UX 7.0)

/etc/netnfsrc change NFS_SERVER=1

/etc/inetd.conf rm rpc

/etc/inetd -c

/etc/metnfsrc nfs and mountd should be running

„ Peforming memory diags:

ps -ef | grep MEMLOGP

kill -STOP PID

kill -CONT PID

/etc/init S Single User mode

<cntl> x continue install

„ Install from Server

/etc/update to load NE-INSTAL-700 fileset to boot server

/etc/boottab contaons install:HPS700:

„ system things


/hp-ux kernel built here

/etc/ttytype tty entries example: 3151 tty01 #mstolz - model 3151 found in /usr/lib/terminfo

/etc/inittab for getty entries:

04:2:respawn:/etc/getty tty04 H #mstolz 04=i.d. 2=init state H=Hardwire

/etc/conf/dfile device driver info

/usr/adm/rc.log logging

/etc/newconfig/Ignition/SystemInfo for explorer

/etc/rc calls /etc/netlinkrc which calls /etc/src.sh for hostname

vi /etc/issue contains hostname + sw version




cstm or xstm (X Support Tools Manager)

mv /etc/copyright /etc/copyright.ORIG

rm "cat copyright" from /etc/profile

telinit q reread inittab file for changes

ifconfig lan0 inet


cp newfont.snf $HOME/myfonts

mkfontdir $HOME/myfonts

xset fp rehash


cut -c1 file cuts 1st char in every line of file

92135 swap space of bighp

96204 swap space of nowhere



umask 002 will mask the 2 positions in "other" permissions.


rwx rwx rwx

0 0 XX (2)

files that are created can only be read by "other."

biff [y or n] yes or no for notification of mail arriving.

stty intr ^c use <cntl> c to interupt

stty echoe destructive backspace

/etc/security - disables root login, only devices listed in file have access

fuser - files open by user

what "file" - file stats

strip "file" strips the debug info

nroff -man Tcl.1 -Tlj | lp to print a man page

ulimit is set in mtune

nm "file" or file core will show you information in that file

pstat pid shows the memory stat us

mount -F hsfs -o ro /dev/dsk/cott6d0s0 -d Solaris-2.0 PKS

HP-UX has 9.01 VUE 3.0 Motif 2.1

Quatum PD425S drive cdrom scsi=3 on nowhere,dursban; scsi=2 on sevin