Backup & Recovery

„ Creating a Recovery Tape

o mkrs -v -f /dev/rmt/0m -r /dev/dsk/6s0

„ Creating a Backup Tape

o cd /

o /etc/fbackup -f /dev/rmt/0m -i . -I /tmp/indexfile


o /etc/fbackup -f dursban:/dev/rmt/0m -i . -I /tmp/indexfile

„ Booting from Recovery Tape

Insert Recovery Tape and turn on machine. Hit <esc> to stop booting process. Select tape drive as boot device. NOTE: Everything on tape is loaded into memory and your root drive is mounted under /disc. The frecover command is found in /disc/etc, so if your disk is destroyed or the /etc directory is removed, you can't use frecover.

o go to shell for maintenance

o cd /dev

o mkdir rmt

o mknod 0m c 54 0x201402 the 4 is the scsi id

o cd /disc

o etc/frecover -r -f /dev/rmt/0m

o exit from shell and reboot

HP-UX Maintenance Mode

hit <esc>

there will be a list of bootable devices

type b scsi.6.0 isl

you will get an isl prompt

ISL> hpux -is boot disk(scsi.6;0x0)/hp-ux

the -is is for init level single user mode

this mode mounts all file systems in the fstab

to boot of support maintenance:

b scsi.3.0 isl scsi.3.0 is the CD-ROM