A Little Background on Coach Mark  

It was 1989 when Mark Stolz, known to his players as Coach Mark, first moved to Marietta, and started playing in the old Cobb Adult Recreational Soccer League (CARSL) with Rocky Harmon (Director of United Quest) on the Titans. Shortly after that, he helped start the old Georgia Adult Co-ed Soccer League (GACSL), serving as an officer and treasurer and sometimes registrar.

Coach Mark has been playing soccer his whole life and still continues to play today in organized leagues and tournaments. The driving force behind becoming a coach was his oldest son coming of age. "I find nothing better in this world than playing with my kids. Becoming a coach has enhanced my role as a teacher, motivater, and father to my kids," says Coach Mark. He has the ability to communicate with the kids ... maybe because he's a nothing but a big kid himself. Teaching the game of soccer while having fun is the key to his success.

Coach Mark is certified with the state of Georgia with an "D" coaching license. He plans on taking his team to the "Select" level next year. He is always exploring new ideas and new ways of doing the job better. Coach Mark is planning on automating the registration process for SWCYSL. He is actively spreading the word about the SWCYSL organization and how great the coaching staff is. He plans on educating other coaches who might not be familiar with the game of soccer. These and other goals are a testament to his dedication to the kids and the game of soccer.